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School Board


The Caston School Corporation School Board 2020-21

Caston School Board Members (from left to right)
Roger Byrum, Jeff Smith, Cristie Rans, Beth Howard, Chad Boldry

Regular Board Meeting Schedule
Typically the Caston School Board will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM for purposes of conducting the regular business of the school board. These meetings will be held in the Caston School Administration Building, located on the south end of the Caston School Corporation campus at 9815 S. SR 25, Rochester, IN, 46975. Additions of special meetings or any changes to the dates, times, or place of meetings listed above will be publicized 48 hours in advance of the meetings.  Agendas are placed on the school webpage and outside the door of the Caston Administration Building prior to meetings.

Board Members