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Distinguished Alumni

Last Updated: 4/9/2021 6:00 PM

Caston’s Distinguished Alumni Program

About the Program

The Caston School District comprised of Adams and Bethlehem Townships of Cass County, and Liberty and Wayne Townships of Fulton County united on August 2, 1959, under the jurisdiction of a school board comprised of the Township Trustees.  During the 1961-62 school year, the four schools of Fulton, Grass Creek, Twelve Mile and Metea were combined into two high schools known as North Caston High School and South Caston High School.  The Caston School District became the Caston School Corporation on January 1, 1964.  The first class graduating from one high school known as Caston High School was the class of 1964-65, even though it still operated on two campuses at that time.  This was done to help merge the two student bodies into one and to better accommodate their educational needs.  In August of 1964, the Caston School Building Corporation was formed to provide adequate financing for the construction of a new facility that could house grades K-12.  On April 24, 1966, groundbreaking ceremonies were held on a rainy day with a sizable crowd present to celebrate the beginning of construction for the present facility.  On November 19, 1967 a formal dedication was held for the new school. 

Many of the graduates of Caston High School have gone on to lead highly successful lives.  The purpose of the distinguished alumni program is to demonstrate to students, staff, community members and nearby areas that Caston has much to offer and there are many paths one may take upon graduation that results in successful and productive lives.

Nominating A Caston Alumni

Do you know of a Caston Alumni who has made a significant contribution to society, achieved high levels of success, and/or fulfilled a purpose that serves as a great inspiration to those who will soon be graduating? We encourage individuals to nominate successful Caston graduates since the class of 1962, living or deceased, who have been out of school for at least ten years for the distinguished alumni program.  The nomination form can be completed and submitted to the Caston Superintendent’s Office, faxed @ 574-598-8001, or e-mailed to the Superintendent at: Superintendent@caston.k12.in.


Thank you for your nominations! 

2021 Nomination Form